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"I was in a place of uncertainty, wanting to find which direction I should take. This online workshop was perfect for this." Helen Foster, Life Coach

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At a crossroads? Stuck in a rut?

This online workshop can help you to find the way forward to make the most of your one wild and wonderful life.

Create a vision board in this new, innovative way to


Nothing is decided in advance as to what your vision board should contain. It will emerge during the workshop.

The conventional vision board is tame in comparison. Its scope limited to images chosen by the maker to represent what success, happiness and achievement look like. This is planning not visioning.

It's the rational Left-brain at work, dipping into a known and finite pool of possibilities. There's no innovation here. No room for surprises.


With the Intuitive Vision Board, we purposely set out to quell Left-brain activity in favour of giving the creative Right-brain a voice.

The large intuitive collage contains lots of images and very, very little text.

It describes the 'what next?' in pictures when you can't yet find the words to describe this.

It highlights what can lift you up and transform your life yet is currently being overlooked.

Not by thinking about this - but intuiting the answers.

Something new and exciting can now emerge. It can prove to be life-changing. You'll see.

An Asset Manager says … “A wonderful process to step away from rationalising, organising, and processing to a free-form creativity and letting your imagination have a turn. It left me feeling very in touch with what I want.”

A student says…. “I’ve never worked in silence for that long before and this helped me gain clarity and really tune into my vision. I now have a tangible visualisation on my board of how I’d like my life to be.”

A Copywriter says …. “A very powerful technique. Not for one moment did my left-brain switch on so it felt wonderfully liberating. Mary is a very generous facilitator.”

A Healer says … “I really enjoyed having the time and space for myself to be creative and in the moment. It gave me a chance to explore and visualise where I want to go with my life ….”


*"The single most valuable investment I've ever made in myself and, believe me, I've invested in a few." Jane, Business Mentor *


Intuitive Vision Board pioneer since 2010. Author of "Awaken Your Intuitive Vision".


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